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8 Subconcious Blocks to Your Success

What is standing in the way between you
and feeling at peace in your life, maybe that's with your body and food.

Or in general feeling stuck or frustrated in your life, then this private 90 Minute session that is customised specifically for you.

1. Emotional Eating: We are all human this is way more common than we realise,
if we have a beating heart we likely do this.
This is where we are triggered knowingly or unknowingly,
and this food/drink can literally be anything that's available at that time, 

in other words it's not a specific food. 

And we feel we just can't get enough of it often even when we are not hungry, 
Often we go to these foods or drinks as we are moving away from something like stress or anything unpleasant.

So if you feel this is typical for you, outside of genuine belly hunger like
breakfast/lunch and dinner/snacks then this would be a good one to focus on in one session.

The aim of this session is that you can easily take or leave this food and that you feel completely in control so you do not over eat mindlessly in the future.

Along with providing you with tools to use when you are faced with this again.

2. Cure Cravings:

Where this differs to emotional eating this absolutely HAS to be a particular food or drink, and when you trace it back you can think of your earliest memory of enjoying that food/drink with someone you love or a really pleasant situation.

So it will be certain brand of biscuits/specific bread/Can of coke/Chipper chips with vinegar/Salted peanuts/Crisps
as some examples.

 Note you might have something different to these examples,
and you feeling with that food you have no control, once you start, even if you are not hungry but somehow you cannot stop. 

You'll think back and wonder why you overate that food and most likely didn't even enjoy it.

3.Supercharge Your Will Power

Despite your dreams/ desires and wishes, negative self talk leads to continious failure. 

Theres a lot of frustration present, you know exactly what you 'SHOULD' be doing for your success, you are really successful in other ares of your life, you are really smart,

BUT why do you find yourself, doing the opposite action for what you want.

But WHO is actually stopping you? 

You might be surprised to find out the answer to this, and no its not just you.

This one is uncovered in a visualisation and some journaling to end self sabotage for good.

Audio provided for afterwards so you can revisit if needed.

4. Self Care : How good are you at meeting your own needs first?
So the example of this is when we put our children's needs first and our own:
food, sleep, even fun gets put last on the list.
Like prioritising at least 2 decent filling, tasty, nourishing meals in the day
Saying yes when we mean no, like to friends or family.

5. Unwanted Attention towards Your Body: 

from comments even from well meaning family members about your body shape to specific events we absolutely all have these, it can be as simple as a friend in school when we were little not liking our new shoes, being made fun of from wearing glasses, or a well meaning family authority figure commenting on clothes or any part of our body.

6. Rewire Your Limiting Beliefs:
Looking at a specific way to rewire this belief, looking at the truth, and getting clear on your very own positive mind movie.

7. Your Hidden Triggers:
All unpleasant events or hurtful experiences big or small in our life
& how those events trigger emotional eating/mindlessly eating.

8. Clear Your Inner Program to Overeat:
Clean Your Plate syndrome, While this is a common one for many, this is about uncovering how this may lead to overeating now even when you feel nicely satisfied, you still hear any of your authority figures from your younger years even friends parents, grandparents or aunts and uncles about you not getting up from the table until it's clear, meaning you will likely always overeat.

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