ReBalance Sunrise and Cacao Experience Review

After what feels like forever in lockdown, with a halt put to the majority of in person holistic events, I can’t begin to describe my excitement upon hearing about Elaine’s outdoor

‘Sunrise and Cacao Experience’.

We arrived at the car park of a wood in Co. Kildare at 6:20am on a wet but warm Sunday morning.

A little bleary eyed perhaps, but eager to take part in a really meaningful bit of self-care.

Elaine had us well prepped on what to bring; camping chairs, sleeping bags, cozy blankets and warm, waterproof, comfy attire.

We trekked a short distance through the woods, which were completly deserted, chatting and becoming acquainted with each other until Elaine found the spot she scouted beforehand. 

There was an immediate sense of magic in the air as we descended amongst the tall trees with nothing to hear except the chorus of birds singing, almost welcoming us into their safe haven.

We set ourselves up in a circle surrounding the beautiful altar Elaine had set up,
including fairy lights,
an offering of flower for Mother Earth, a candle, sage and rose petals.

We snuggled up as the rain began to fall. The trees acted as an umbrella for the most part and the sound of the rain ultimately added to the whole experience!

Elaine had prepared some cacao and brought it along in a large thermos.

We were all given a cup and the sacred plant medicine was shared around as Elaine explained who ways in which it could help us to open our hearts, connect with ourselves and enhance the breath work meditation we were about to experience. We sipped, and honoured the indigenous communities that had made it possible for us to reap the benefits of cacao.

We set our intentions for the morning, giving ourselves permission to heal and release.

Elaine then guided us through a 20 minute breath work session with a powerful playlist she had put together specially. The music played, the rain fell and it was glorious!

Breath work is said to reduce stress levels, boost immunity and improve your overall wellbeing and emotional health. It comprises of three part breathing - breathe in from belly, breath in from chest, exhale. And repeat. It is certainly more ‘hard work’ than conventional meditation, but it certainly creates space to blow off steam. And boy, did we.

We had two opportunities during the session to literally scream into the empty woods around us. Now that was empowering!!! Wow!! Elaine circulated the whole time, reminding us of the breathing pattern and encouraging us to stick with it.

I opened my eyes at the end and observed the canopy of trees above us and the rain dripping down onto my face. I’m not sure I can recall another time I’ve felt more present and well...alive!

After some relaxation and a post-breathing sharing session, we packed up and headed down to the nearby river.

We had written our intentions on a post-it notes and it was time now to send it off to the universe! We watched as the water carried our intentions away, knowing that we had taken part in something special and empowering.

I would highly recommend this event and am already looking forward to the next one, thank you Elaine

Review written by Joanne Pasternak - Angelic Energy Healer