Every woman knows deep down her own power, the best choices to make for you, you just might not feel it alive in you just yet...

Monday 8th November 

We start....

Why is limiting belief clearing so effective?

Most people at some point in our life, feels something is working against you, you start the healthier eating or the exercise routine, but somewhere along the line, self sabotage happens 
EVEN THOUGH YOU KNOW your actions are not in line with what you want, what your heart desires.

Clearing your Liminting Beliefs is for you if you find yourself
  • Struggling to stick to the diet and healthier choices and abundance to live your ideal lifestyle, let alone simply making ends meet.
  • Relationships that feels strained, no matter how much you give.
  • General feelings of being unfulfilled, living a script that you did not create.
Most of what happens to us all on a day to day basis is based on our thoughts and our mind.

What Is The Result Of Practicing Belief Clearing?

  • Become inspired... knowing that the goals, dreams, and circumstances you once considered “not for you” are now not only possible… they’ve been waiting for you all along!
  • Become empowered... recognising that you have full control over your life… and that you can create the reality that you so passionately desire!
  • Become awakened… fully in tune with the source power and aware of every note of the support available to you, and become you own biggest number one supporter with simple tools and techniques like asking and answering really good questions & Breathwork - a powerful tool to easily help let go.
  • Become relieved… free from the endless negative “recordings” that have been playing in your mind for months… years… even decades!
  • Become grateful… because your life becomes so filled with joy and abundance that you can’t help but to have a heart overflowing with gratitude!  


   Monday 8th November 2021

·     8.00pm through Zoom we will meet live

·    You can sign up for the recording of these weekly classes including Breathwork, and a recording will be emailed to you directly after this event if you cannot make it live.

You will have lifetime access to these recordings to replay whenever you wish.

I'm there to guide you through the 45 minute breathing

Each person experiences breathwork differently

but you will most likely notice a variety of things like

tingling, vibrating, and emotional release.

Afterwards you might feel energised,

clear, calm, and deep peace. 

Investment: €111.00

Payment Plan of €55.00 available 

Week 1 & Week 4

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