1:1 Private

Breathwork Healing Session

60 Mins 

Flourish Movement Studio,

12B Market Point Medical Park, 

Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. N91 FD27

Cost €55

You feel you've hit a plateau and you’re ready to break through the stagnant energy.


maybe for you this is about new beginnings and pivoting to really move your life in the direction of your dreams.

Wherever you’re at, you know that you’ve got MORE.

Introducing this one to one private Healing Breathwork Session

During this 60 min experience, 

you'll clear out any resistance, fear, or self-doubt that is holding you back and recalibrate your mind, body, 

and your whole energy with the breath.


 - Go from feeling stuck to feeling liberated and vibrating. 

 - Access deeper clarity on your goals + intentions.

 - Elevate and align your entire being with a higher frequency.


No previous Breathwork or meditation experience is needed. 

All you need to wear comfy clothes and a journal is optional.

Breathwork is not a quick fix tool for any topic.

Breathwork, like many things requires consistency,
showing up for you,
being open minded.

But breathwork in my peronal opinion

talking and talking
and never feeling into what it is you want to see change
and feeling into what exactly is blocking you from achieving it.


Are you even clear on what you want?

What feeling you want to feel?

Breathwork allows your inner voice to speak to you.

So what's holding you back from achieving what you want?

Only you know the answer to that.

Breathwork is my favoutite tool to help you uncover what might be holding you back.


" I am in my head a lot and this one to one breathwork session, gave my brain something to focus on , while my body released  stuck energy, sadness, anger, frustration, fear, you name it , it was all there. I felt like up to then I was carrying a heavy backpack and I found a way to empty it all out. The clarity I recieved to take the next step on something I had felt stuck on for so long, came to me so clearly and effortlessly. I felt so safe and supported with Elaine throughout. Id highly reccomend this alternative emotional healing session."