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Group Breathwork

Breathwork is a guided three-part active meditation where you will let go of stress as well as “stuck” mindsets and emotions that are holding you back. 

This transformational practice will get you out of your own head and connected to your body, your creativity, and a deeper sense of self. You’ll leave feeling more peaceful, clear, and grounded.

This practice is perfect for any level, whether you have years of experience or you've been intrigued by meditation and are not sure how to start. 

Many who have experienced Breathwork 

describe it as 


Here you can receive clarity or insight to enhance your life and soothe your soul.

**Newcomers very welcome no previous experience necessary.

**Suitable for both Males & Females 

age 16 yrs and older.

Zoom Link emailed to you before the session

 Sunday 11.00 - 12.00p.m GMT

Recording emailed to all who sign up to these with access to replay for 1 week after the session.

The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself.

Breathwork can

unblock stuck energy and emotions

and help elevate us to

deeper levels of clarity and awareness.


The benefits are immediate.

 - Reduced Anxiety

 - Feeling deep inner Peace & Calmer

 - Clarity on anything that might be bothering you to name just a few of the amazing benefits!

I believe we all hold core wounds and limiting beliefs that subconsciously run our lives. 

 When we easily let go of these from our emotional body and the nervous system, we can eperience a real sense of freedom.




Sessions are done online and we will start with a short conversation to help set any intentions of our session.


We will then begin breathing

in the style I will teach you.

I'm there to guide you through the 45 minute breathing

We will close with questions and reflection.

Each person experiences breathwork differently but you will most likely notice a variety of things like

tingling, vibrating, and emotional release.

Afterwards you might feel energised,

clear, calm, and connected.


This practice is my absolute favourite no B.S emotional healing tool.

" I tried my first one to one breathwork session with Elaine. It was truly an amazing experience, she guided me through a specific breathing pattern, I screamed into a pillow, I laughed I cried and at the end I felt like I was floating and that is amazing as it really is hard for me to switch my mind off and fully feel relaxed. It was easier than meditation! I tried meditaion before and this is nothing like meditation."


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