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Hair Mineral Analysis Testing

The price of this test includes graphical representation of the results from Trace Elelment Labs and a recording based on your specific results by Elaine Baxter, trained Hair Mineral Analysis Practicioner & Nutritional Advisor in which Elaine will help you interpret these results and make suggestions for your health, and help you balance your mineral levels over the following 3 months.

Please note while you will see and feel changes for the better within 90 days, to balance your minerals this can take anywhere from 6-24 months depending on your individual results.

This may take 1-3 protocols post each test for you to feel optimal.

Note while there will be dietary changes note no diet is ever for life, these food and meal suggestions are to support you at this particular stage of your life.

A Hair Mineral Analysis Test
Blood Test
Both are great diagnostic tools.
Both have different insights.
Hair Mineral Analysis Tests show what's happening in your body over 3-4 months.
Blood Tests indicate whats happening right now.

The HTMA's three areas of measurement and analysis are:

  • Nutrient mineral/electrolyte levels in the body's tissues, including the four macro minerals calcium,magnesium, sodium, potassium as well as our micro minerals.
  • Toxic metal levels in the body's tissues, including lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and aluminum
  • Significant mineral ratios, which help determine your:                  Metabolic type , Stress Ratio, Thyroid Ratio, Hormone Ratio, Adrenal Ratio, Blood Sugar Ratio, copper toxicity, and calcium shell.

For example, with Hair Analysis's Significant Ratios, you can find out your:

·     Metabolic type (fast or slow metabolism) via the calcium:phosphorus ratio.

·     Stress (Your Vitality) mineral balance (think always stressed, fight or flight syndrome) via the sodium:potassium ratio.

·     Thyroid supportive mineral balance (think fatigue, brain fog, sluggish digestion, weight issues) via the calcium:potassium ratio.

·     Hormone supportive mineral balance (think PMS, hormonal imbalance) via the zinc:copper ratio.

·     Adrenal supportive mineral balance (think always tired, feel run down) via the sodium:magnesium ratio.

·     Blood sugar supportive mineral balance (think hangry, moody, energy dips during the day) via the calcium:magnesium ratio.

How the testing process works:

  1. When you pay for you Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA), you will recieve an email with details on how best to obtain your hair sample and the UK laboratory address to post your sample once you have this.
  2. The accuracy of a mineral analysis depends upon many factors. While Trace Mineral Labs, is responsible for the technical aspects of the test, the results will only be as good as the raw material or sample that is received. For this reason, the more care that you exercise sampling your hair, the better the results will be. Also cutting your hair sample from your hair that is not just freshly washed on that day or dyed within the last 6 weeks is key. Cutting a sample the day after you have washed your hair and not freshly dyed. Note black hair dye is not reccomended for this test. Head & Shoulders shampoo use is not reccomended before obtaining your sample.
  3.  Watch this short video on how to take a hair sample:
  4. After you recive the email you can post your 100mcg sample of hair in an envelope directly to the lab in the UK, per the instructions provided), it takes approximately 14-21 days to receive the test results from the lab.
  5. Elaine will email a PDF of the test results to you within 2-3 days after Elaine receive's them from the lab. These will be emailed to the email address associated with your PayPal account.
  6. When you receive your test results from me, you will recieve an email with details of where to obtain any reccomended supplements.
  7. Retesting is advised 3-4 months after implementing the changes, retesting fees are €99.00. Or maximum 12 months post initial test depending on your first test significant ratios to see how well you are responding to dietary and lifestyle changes on balancing your minerals.
  8. Finally should you wish to book a Zoom consultation to discuss your results with Elaine, this is reccomended to help you interpret your report and to make necessary changes to help balance your minerals along with recieving a specific meal plan and recipe ideas based on your results you can also do this in one 60 min session for €75.00, you can email me for my online availability. Please email me for link for my availability when you would like to book this in post recieving your hair test results. Alternatively I will email you recipe ideas along with 1 page protocol should you not wish to book a 60 Min 1:1 post your initial results.

Alternatively you can email me for a card link if you would like to pay for your Hair Mineral Test but do not have Paypal and I can send you a link to pay with your bank card.

1st Hair Mineral Analysis €119.00

Download a sample report of what you can expect to recieve from your results below.


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