Welcome to Let's Talk About ReBalance Podcast

I am bringing the Let's Talk About ReBalance Podcast where I will share my knowledge on all things feeling better in your body 

and I'll be sharing insights into how the 

ReBalance Yourself Method is Different.

Let's look at the facts, 

research has proven over 80% of diets fail 

if you are someone who has;

followed the meal plan, 

started the diet, 

included the exercise routine 

at some stage in your life, sadly you may find yourself more often than not on a diet


still answer honestly IF despite knowing what you need to do, you still feel like a failure when it comes to your body and how you feel, energy wise on a daily basis?

If so, then this podcast is for you.

Episode 1 - Why Counting Calories & Dieting Does Not Work

In this Introductory Episode I discuss:

-Why diet's and calorie counting is outdated

-How I help people learn about their body specifically

-How Rewiing your Brain is more important than ANY diet or ANY exercise

-I tell you after I changed career from financial services, why I thought back in 2015 it was as simple as 'just eating healthier' & 'being in a calorie deficit' was going to solve all my problems

-Stay tuned to the end of this short introductory podcast where I offer some questions for you to explore.

Episode 2 - How to Get Amazing Results

  • How rewiring our thoughts is essential to the results we want.
  • How our subconcious mind affects 95% of our actions.
  • How to actually work on our subconcious mind - examples.
  • Why our thoughts cause weight plateaus and weight gain.