Welcome to Your

Self Care Pack

I created this Self Care Kit 

so that you can begin to radically transform your energy and body, 

to the version of you that you really desire.

Repitition rewires the brain. 

Accepting what you have done up to now, 

such as:

following the meal plan, 

starting the diet, 

beginning the exercise routine 

are all fantastic 


Ask yourself why you still feel you are searching for the 'right' diet?

The secret is there is none, 

no perfect diet, 

the secret to your success in ANYTHING 

will come from 

rewiring your brain.

And all the options below 

are ways in how you can do just that.

by YOU commiting  at minimum 

10, 20, 30, 45 or 60 minutes 

to yourself 

in your morning ideally

using these practices below as a guide, 

is where you will effortlessly experience transformation.

Here's the crazy fact - 

All diets work BUT 95% of diets also DO NOT work long term!

But one thing I can guarantee,

We will never feel happy 

  • with our body
  • with the money in our bank account
  • with our partner
  • with our job
  • with our life purpose

if we don't start working on our subconscious mind.

Facing our very natural human negative thoughts

Spoiler alert: 

You feeling better is 

100% absolutely NOT just the food you eat.

1. An important part of your success with 

ReBalance with Elaine 

is commiting to 

up to 60 mins 

to you in your morning. 

Are you willing 

to commit just 10 mins 

daily to you?

Introduction to Tapping

This short video demonstrates EFT Tapping - discovered by a Psychologist Dr Roger Callaghan, who used tapping on accupressure points in the body to help his client of 15 years to get over her fear of water with just 1 session!

15 Min Rewire Your Problematic Eating or Drinking Behaviour

This is a written exercise - so grab pen and paper or your phone notes section

*UPDATED* New 7 Min Breathwork

Powerful to help move stagnant energy, this is a short introduction to breathwork.
Use when feeling unmotivated or anxious, overthinking ot to simply deeply relax quickly.

BREATHWORK T&C's: By participating in the breathwork practice, you confirm that you are not in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and do not have epilepsy, glaucoma, uncontrolled high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and/or irregularities; diagnosis by a Medical Professional of manic disorder, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia; strokes,  seizures or other brain/neurological condition or disease.

October - 30 Day 10 Min Journal Prompt Challenge 

Daily Journal Prompts.pdf

7 Min Grounding Audio

15 Min Powerful Visualisation

Our mind does not know the difference between real and imaginary, this is a short but effective guided visualisation to do regularly. Noting any resistance or blocks that might be present for you, key is to move though these blocks.

4 Mins How to Stop Sabotage Eating

7 Min Movement  - Decide How You Want to Feel Right Now

See the downloadable link below to add to this audio.
Daily Embodiment - I decide today I am...pdf

4 Mins - Is it time to GET Food?

A simple 4 min practice to help you really notice how hungry you are and what your cravings might be trying to tell you.

Your Intention & Your Why - 17 Mins

A 6 minunte Body Gratitude Meditation is at the start of this short presentation.
Sabotage Eating Activity (1).pdf

90 Mins Self Worth Practice

A deep dive into exploring your self worth and how that is connected to you and your ideal weight, a key piece in helping transformation to a more accepting or happy body weight. The perfect practice when you have 90 mins uninterupted time or you can do this practice in parts. Splitting in 2  x 45 Min Sessions.
Every time you come back to this practice know you will experience and uncover different things.