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 24th June 2023
11.00 am - 12.00 pm

Empowered Woman Breathwork

Join me 

Saturday 24th June 2023, 

From 11.00am – 12.00pm


During this 60 min group session, will help you create space to connect with your heart,

Elaine will lead you through a breathwork class that will go beyond surface level.



We will be doing active  breathwork meditation 

(like the HIIT class for meditation, which is done lying down and it's you controling your breath).

Elaine will guide you through a breathwork practice, which will leave you feeling transformed and energised. You’ll be feeling the benefits for days afterwards!





Who is welcome? 

This is a female only group session, suitable for 18 years and older.

Where is this venue located?

Flourish Movement Studio

Market Point Medical Park, 12b, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath,
N91 FD27

What should I wear? 

Anything that makes you feel most comfortable.


What should I bring with me? 

Water, comfy warm socks, 

eye mask (*optional) &

a notebook and pen(*optional).

Everything else is provided, Such as mats and blankets.

What if I cannot make it on the day?

Spaces are non refundable to this circle but you can transfer your space for this date only to another female who you think might enjoy this type of class, please just let me know in advance.

Can everyone do breathwork?

Great question,

Please do not participate in the
3 part active breathing 
if you
  • are pregnant
  • have epilepsy,
  • a heart condition,
  • suffered a recent injury
  • recently had surgery
  • or suffer from frequent panic attacks.

You can still attend the class
but please advise me in advance
and I will show you an alternative breath pattern.

I've booked my spot via PayPal, now what?

You will recieve a confirmation email approx 7 days before this event.


Saturday 24th June 2023
11.00am – 12.00pm

Cost: €15.00

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